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From Poverty to POWER

Hi everyone! I'm really glad that you decided to come by and check out my website, blog, and podcast. When I started Blue Collar Consulting Group in 2014, I had no idea what I was doing and certainly didn't think it would grow into what it has become. But, several years later, I am proud to say that we have helped a number of people change their lives, their business, and even their relationships with friends and family. Seeing that growth has been rewarding in a way that is difficult to describe and even hard to believe.

Growing up in small town Central Missouri wasn't exactly easy. Having a drug addict father that I didn't meet until I was 8 years old and an absent mother, I really had to learn my own way in life. While most of my friends shared a fairly equal economic situation as I did (we were all poor), my situation lacked the real family relationships that make even poverty a wholesome experience. I found myself clinging to friends who had big families and spending time in their environments. I still consider them more of a family to me than my actual family, and visit them even today.

My older brother, struggling with his own identity as a homosexual, thought that he could ease his discomfort by brutalizing me in a variety of ways. From animal abuse to sexual trauma, he was doing what he felt was his only way to deal with his internal pain. He was my primary caretaker, as our mother was often working two or more jobs and drinking regularly. Our mother made it clear that she didn't want children, and found herself after two divorces raising two very different children on a very small salary. My brother had a very difficult relationship with our mother and it's understandable why he would seek an outlet to his pain. It's just unfortunate he chose me.

As you can imagine, without anyone to balance out this struggle, I had a tough time adapting both personally and socially. However, as a I grew up, something beautiful began to develop. Since I knew I wasn't safe at home, I started to seek out new places of safety. While others turned to drugs and alcohol, I was more interested in learning how things worked. I was curious about why people did certainly things. I was curious about how they did the things they chose to do. I was the curious kid who would follow the plumber or repairman around the house during a repair, asking about this and that as they worked. Even though I'm sure I was annoying to them, I was completely fascinated about the world around me and all the people that were in it.

That fascination gained tremendous momentum when I joined the Army in 1998. My first job was EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal. The bomb squad, you know? In other words, my job was to diffuse bombs when they didn't go off! This highly technical specialty required my mind to work at a pace that was both exciting and challenging. Every single incident required acute mental focus and nerves that couldn't be easily rattled. It was some of the most exciting times of my life.


A few years later I switch my career into Recruiting and did well. I had unique experiences that allowed me to connect with the people who were joining the Army during a time of extended war against terrorism. My success grew rapidly to the point that I was promoted quickly and given command of my own Recruiting Station. Seeing the transformation of people from civilian to Soldier is quite unique and nearly impossible to describe.

Moving on after recruiting, I found myself in a position to work in the Army Reserve as a Career Counselor, while maintaining an active physician recruiter career in the civilian sector. As an Army Reserve Career Counselor, you are responsible for helping Reserve Soldiers do well in a part time military occupation while staying successful on the civilian side of things. It's a challenging position that requires very good problem solving skills, empathy, and creativity. In a lot of ways, it's just like diffusing bombs, but you're diffusing the problems of people!

Currently, I serve as an Area Leader for a Retention Team that covers the western half of Missouri and I couldn't be happier. Not only do I still get to work with Soldiers, I get to lead a team of 18 Senior Noncommissioned Officers that are doing everything they can to help people achieve the military goals that they set out to do. It's a wonderful combination and I can't believe I get to do this and they pay me for it!

My military career has equipped me with insights that many people do not have. No, I'm not an Army Ranger, Navy SEAL or any other kind of "hooah" occupation. However, I have risen through the ranks faster than many of my peers. I have improved organizations and performed at a high level at every single assignment I was given. I have survived professional adversity more than once and have achieved tremendous success despite those that might try to stand in my way. It is with that in mind that I bring forth my consulting company. I am convinced that I have the knowledge and approach that will help you improve in nearly anything.

When you're ready to get to the next level, I'll be waiting to help you. Send a message now.