A New Instagram Scam

As I write this, I realize that this little scam is probably not that new, but it's a new to me and what I've been doing recently on the platform. You see, I am the manager of the fitness brand of a very close friend of mine, named Vanessa. Her brand, Vanessa Del Mar Fitness, is our vision that is based around her high level of physical fitness while being a single working mother. Yes I know that was a shameless plug, but I'm super proud of the project!

Anyways, you might imagine that we are leveraging social media as much as possible. Since Vanessa is an attractive woman, you better believe that we're going to be using Instagram as much as possible. Instagram continues to be one of the most active social media apps on the market. Hundreds of millions of people use it all over the world every single month and it is literally one of the top social media platforms.

Every single day, multiple times for day, I get a little messages that look like this:

  • Love it! ❤️, DM @realfitstars.

  • OMG😘.DM @gym.lov.ig

  • Love it! ❤️, DM @realfitstars

  • Send me your pictures for promotion

  • Aww...awesome physique💪💪😍 Please share your picture via dm📩📩with us for a post in our network🌏

  • Love it! ❤️, DM @realfitstars.

  • Hi dm @kintasin_official for collab

By the way, these are messages that I copied and pasted from a post I did this morning about a new sports bra that we're featuring in her online store. All eight of these comments arrived within 10 minutes of the original posting. Some of them, as you can see, reference the same account! These are all classic examples of spam messages that are going out all over Instagram right now by robots, probably in some dirty basement somewhere.

You see, they don't want to do this with their main account because it stands a higher chance of getting banned by Instagram. So what they will do is create a bunch of satellite accounts whose sole purpose it is to go out and leave these spammy messages on legitimate accounts in hopes of growing their main account. If one of the satellite accounts gets banned or reported, it doesn't matter because they will create 10 more in its place. In other words, it's a multilayered scam approach that hasn't been killed by Instagram just yet.

What's the solution you might say? It would be really helpful if more people what actually report these comments as spam. If we really want to kill it, we should go to the main account that they are referencing an report it as spam as well. If the main account goes down, they will have to start over from scratch or, hopefully, try a new tactic. What ever happened to being an actual human?

And you can tell that these are completely robotic accounts. Sometimes even the main accounts are absolutely useless as well! How in the world can Instagram with 200,000 followers only get one comment on their latest post after an hour? They bring in all of these fake accounts just to inflate their numbers so that they can attempt to sell you shout outs which I'm going to do you any good anyways! It does you no good to be shattered out into a room full of robots. I certainly hope that you can see a logic here.

Do the right thing, continue to use Instagram but make sure that you are connecting with real humans. Please help us all by reporting the robots and their main robot accounts. I have tried to contact Instagram many times but I've been unsuccessful. Hopefully, if we team up, we can get this nonsense to and and take a step closer towards a useful platform.


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