Amazon Wardrobe Fits Nicely

Being a professional requires you to dress like a professional. The image you project says a lot about who you are as a person. If you want to feel good, you need to look good. If you want to represent yourself properly, you need to present yourself properly. It's not always a popular issue, but it's one that cannot be ignored. What you wear is your personal message before you even arrive. Don't mess it up!

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Prime Wardrobe is a Prime-exclusive program where you can try before you buy from eligible items across women’s, men’s, kids’, and baby clothing, shoes, and accessories. You get seven days to try on the items at home and you will only be charged for the items you decide to keep. In other words, you order several items of clothing and they arrive at your home. You have a week to try them on and keep what you like. If you don't like it, send it back FOR FREE!

Close your eyes and imagine a world where you could try on anything you wanted — from workout pants to a date-night dress — in the comfort of your own home, without putting a charge on your credit card.

Now open your eyes and say hello to Prime Wardrobe: a brand-new Prime benefit, included with your membership, that lets you try before you buy.

Here's How It Works

Need new jeans, but want a pair that makes you feel great? Check. Need a cute outfit for your son to wear for school picture day? Check. Want to force your husband to try on a new, respectable hoodie that would be a welcome replacement for his old, worn-out favorite? Check. Why hold back? Go crazy. The choice is all yours: You can choose between two and eight items of clothing, shoes or accessories from their vast selection — including great styles from amazing brands for women, men, kids and baby. Once the box arrives, you get seven days to try everything on in the privacy of your own home. Then simply return the pieces you don't love and only pay for what you keep.

Personally, I don't know what fashion is. I am terrible with picking out the proper colors and patterns that would keep me from being the laughing stock of the office or the party. Fortunately for me, I can jump on the internet and get advice by simply looking around online. Once I have a general idea, I can select similar pieces from the Prime Wardrobe and have the box sent to my house. I try everything on and BOOM! I can look like a champion. If not, I simply send it all back and start again. It's a lot of fun, actually.

If you're already on Amazon Prime, give the Wardrobe a try and you can keep yourself looking good for the foreseeable future. It's already included in your membership, so you might as well give it a try. If you're not on Prime, they have a TON of deals to get you going. Go here and explore all of your options. Some have said that the Prime membership is too expensive, but if you split it with a friend...suddenly it's not too bad!


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