Episode 12: Interview with NewAir CEO, Luke Peters

You might wonder why a self-improvement podcast would interview the CEO of a small appliance company, but once you listen to the episode, you'll understand why. Luke has a really great story, one of starting with very little and slowly growing a business that supplies a high quality product. Their mission is to become the most trusted brand in the small appliance industry and he has managed to do it. How he got there and how he stays there is a great model to follow for any entrepreneur.

Staying on top of the innovation curve is something that Luke is proud of as well. One thing that really stands out is his ability or, really, his desire to keep tinkering. He is never satisfied with same line of equipment and he knows that you have to keep trying new things and reaching new customers. Even after a big pivot into the B2B world, he still keeps the young hustler's sense of work ethic.

Luke's website is a great place to learn more about him and his company. I was thoroughly impressed with the way he built his company and the way he continues to grow it. He and I share a common view of leadership, in that you invest in people and you find ways to give back. As a big contributor to charitable organizations, Luke gives back quite frequently. It's a rare find to discover someone who contributes to his company and to the world around him. Needless to say, he will be successful for a long time.


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