Episode 15: The Most Basic Investment Advice

When you grow up in poverty, you quickly learn the value of a dollar. When you are born into nothing, you certainly would love to find out what it is like to have something. This is what it was like for me as a child growing up in a very small town in the Midwestern United States. The painful reminder of poverty was ever present and seemed to be the black cloud that hung over my life for as long as I can remember.

This same a black cloud hangs over the lives of so many of us. There are those of us that struggle to provide enough food for our children, there are those of us that simply tend to break even at the end of every month and there are even some of us that somehow manage to squander a little bit extra that makes itself visible every month. These types of people probably don't think that they will ever be able to change their financial futures.

However, do not lose hope! I know personally that the only way you are going to change your financial status in this life is to invest every single thing that you possibly can. I'm not talking about $1,000,000 real estate deals or staying up until 3:00 AM to chase the latest stock trend. What I am talking about is simple, everyday investing that even the poorest among this can take advantage of.

In this episode you will learn the most basic investment strategies that will begin to take you to the next level financially. I'm not talking about getting you in a $1,000,000 mansion tomorrow, but rather a slow and steady process to where you can grow the value of your money. Once you get the taste of investment growth, you will see how crucial this is to the health of your financial future. This is not some vague promise, it's an actual strategy that you can start literally with your next paycheck.

The book I mention can be found here. Buy a used copy, Tony won't mind.

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