Episode 17: Interview with Joshua Spodek

The environment has been a source of controversy ever since I can remember. Somehow it has become so politicized to the point that most people don't want to deal with it or even think about it. Unfortunately, burying our heads in the sand won't do anything about the problem and that's something Joshua Spodek is incredibly passionate about. His thoughts on "environment leadership" are compelling and applicable to a multitude of leadership perspectives. Please listen and consume the knowledge he shares with us.

Joshua Spodek PhD MBA is a two-time TEDx speaker, #1 bestselling author of Initiative and Leadership Step by Step, host of the award-winning Leadership and the Environment podcast, and professor and coach of entrepreneurship and leadership at NYU and Columbia Business School.

He speaks on leadership, entrepreneurship, and environmental leadership at institutions such as Boston Consulting Group, Google, IBM, PwC, S&P, Children’s Aid Society, the NY Public Library, Harvard, Princeton, West Point, MIT, Stanford, Rice, USC, Berkeley, INSEAD, the NY Academy of Science, and more.

He holds a PhD in astrophysics and an MBA from Columbia, where he studied under a Nobel Laureate, having emerged from a childhood including years in some of Philadelphia’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods. He helped build an X-ray observational satellite with the European Space Agency and NASA.

Having him on the podcast was a pure delight. Josh makes you think about the smaller things and how to attach emotions to leadership tasks. It's that kind of micro attention that will help you achieve your goals in the macro and maybe, just maybe, change the world we live in. Please enjoy the show and leave a comment below to share how you are making in impact in your world.

This podcast is dedicated to becoming the best at what you do. It's about being the best at work, at home, at a party or on the field. We're going tackle the things that few people talk about. Topics like self-education, etiquette and relationship building will be explored in a way that you can put into action!

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