Finding Passion

Like many of you reading this, I enjoy a nice round of golf. What I don't like is how often I see others putting up beautiful shots and mine trickle down the fairway a few feet or go sailing off into the woods again and again. It's a funny thing to be frustrated by, but it's quite common!

Golf has its fair share of life correlations, so I'm sure what you're about to read is nothing new. Even knowing that, I felt I simply had to share the reason I keep playing: passion. I love to play, I love the challenge and I love having the hope of playing really well one day. I enjoy the thought of playing with my son in the near future and I certainly love the possibility of playing golf and building real business connections.

When you hit a bad shot in golf, what do you do? Do you get frustrated? Do you quit? Do you destroy your club? Are you crappy to those around you enjoying a good game? Chances are, what you do in your golf game is probably a reflection of what you're doing in real life.

If one of your friends gets a promotion and you don't, can you truly be happy for them? When someone buys a bigger house than you, are you steaming with jealousy? How do you handle the situation when someone brings you good news? Are you happy with them or are you secretly angry that they did something good? Again, this requires massive self-awareness and a ton of vulnerability, but it's worth it to think about these things and how you react internally.

So this quick little blog post is nothing more than a simple reminder to keep your head on straight and always be grateful to those around you. Not only that, when you hit a bad shot on the golf course or make a mistake in life, don't throw away your clubs. Just keep swinging, my friends.


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