Getting Started On Twitter

Twitter, a social networking site launched in 2006, is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms available today, with 100 million daily active users and 500 million tweets sent daily (thanks to HubSpot for this one). Even though you might have heard it is in decline the usage statistics are still incredibly strong. In other words, you should probably be on Twitter, regardless of what you are doing in life.

Even though it started out as just a glorified texting platform limited to 140 characters, it has grown to become a fully integrated social media monster. Don't worry, it's actually super easy to use and quite beneficial!

One of the big features of Twitter is the ability to stay up to date with celebrities and influencers. Yes, you might not care what Jim Carey had for breakfast, but you might want to know about breaking news that just happened. Or, if you're like me, you want to connect and learn from powerful marketers and people who are successful in social media. In other words, there is a great mixture of personal and commercial accounts on the platform.

Using Twitter is super easy. When you log in you'll be taken to your "feed" where you can see all of the other posts by people you follow. There are shortcuts on your left and some recommendations on your right. Just remember, that you control what you see and what you don't. If you want more posts, simply follow more people. If you want less posts, guess what? Simply follow less people! Finally, if you start seeing stuff you don't like, all you have to do is un-follow those accounts and POOF! It's all gone and you can be happy again.

Want to send a tweet and let your voice be heard? It's super easy to do, in fact, I've made a little video showing you how to do it. Have a look:

If you are someone that is trying to grow a business or personal brand, Twitter is going to be very important for you. Not only can you connect with the bigger accounts, you can also blast out what you are doing. If you have an idea, you can shout it to the masses. If you have a product, you can show a video of it. If you offer a service, you can plaster your testimonials all over the world in a single push of a button.

The demographics of Twitter are quite diverse. All age groups are represented and I cannot think of a single subject that doesn't have at least a little conversation. I challenge you to explore the platform and jump into conversations. You might learn something or, even better, you might be able to teach something to someone who has a question. In short, don't overlook Twitter as you begin to explore the power of social media.

Below I've "embedded" a tweet, which is nothing more than fancy talk for sharing an actual tweet inside the body of this blog post. If you click on it, you will be whisked away to the magical world of Twitter, starting on my pinned post. I hope that you will consider following me and perhaps I can provide useful information.

One final word of advice. Unlike Facebook, once you send a tweet, you cannot edit the words you used. The only thing you can do is delete the tweet. With the advent of screen-shots, you might want to double-check your words before you hit send. Have fun!


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