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Has Sex & Relationships Been RUINED By The Dating Apps?

It was supposed to be so simple for them. After all, waiting to meet someone at a bar seemed so outdated; certainly, dating apps would make meeting people and having sex easier...right?

Ten years have passed since Tinder was introduced to a globe clamoring for a reliable dating service. Yes, we started swiping right in September 2012 for the first time (or left). And what has occurred since then?

Is dating any simpler now?

Are our relationships happier now? Do we have more satisfying sex now?

The numbers actually support this. The "Tinder effect" is real, and more of us are realizing that dating apps have wrecked our attitude to dating, relationships, and sex now that the initial frenzy has subsided.

Make room for social media!

If you were around when Facebook first started, you might remember the hype around it. Suddenly, it was simple to reconnect with old friends and keep in touch with new acquaintances. We could even engage in a little light stalking.

Although Instagram wasn't around then, the tendency of hyper-socialization was already well underway. THE WORLD WIDE WEB WAS MADE FOR THIS, right?

Back then, were there any dating apps? Okay, sure. We had Adult Friend Finder, Plenty of Fish,, and even Zoosk. And even though they were expanding steadily and even earning greater respect, they were still generally seen as the "losers' choice."

Get out of the way, Tinder is here.

Integrated social networking with a dating app? Genius.

No more fumbling with weird profiles or entering credit card information. Simply download the app, enter some basic information, upload a photo, and you can start casually swiping in a matter of minutes.

We embraced the new method of online dating with enthusiasm, just as we did with the use of social media. It was simple, enjoyable, and a terrific way to stalk individuals and simulate being on the dating scene without having to approach or be approached at seedy nightclubs.

However, it felt amazing and even provided an instant hit, much like a McDonald's or KFC. We had no idea, though, that the "fast food of dating" would lead to issues.

"The Tinder Effect"

It was simpler than ever to meet new people, but it was also simpler than ever to cause trouble with others. And this is where problems have started to occur.

The most well-known current dating phrase is probably "ghosting." You've probably experienced ghosting if you've ever used Tinder. You've established a connection, maybe even gone on a date, and maybe even got it in...then suddenly, nothing. Blocked.

All over this planet, the simple act of ignoring or blocking someone has wreaked havoc on daters' emotions. This element of the Tinder effect is what has destroyed dating for many people.

We've lost sight of the emotional aspects of dating because we've turned it into a game or treated it like fast food. Even if you've had sex with someone on the internet, you can still ignore them for the rest of their lives.

The ease with which people can be harassed or mistreated is another aspect of the toxic dating app culture. More than half of women say that after declining their advances or just not responding to them, men have harassed them. Even in the dating realm, troll behavior is still very much present.

Oh, and as for lying and dishonest behavior... Do you know the movie "The Tinder Swindler"? Just one high-profile example of men (and women) who take advantage of the ability of online profiles to deceive other daters and make dating apps even more dangerous.

Problems For Reality

The way we connect in the real world has been distorted by dating apps, much like many other social media-related problems. Dating in real life is difficult for half of young people, and social media, especially dating apps, has contributed to this.

On Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms, you can discover folks whining about not knowing how to date. How can you make friends without using dating apps? Can you even find love if you don't utilize Bumble or Tinder?

We've lost our magic, and the easy dating app era is largely to blame.

So What The Hell Do We Do Now?

Since, say, 300,000 years ago, mankind have been creating new individuals. Therefore, it is evident that we have the capacity to reproduce naturally, which a harmful dating app culture is unlikely to eradicate. Relationships, however, are much more than making babies.

We must comprehend how technology is affecting our health, as with many other aspects of social media and the online world. in terms of our emotional intelligence and mental health, in particular.

A single person in 2023 could find it intimidating to stop using dating apps but doing so will help us regain our dating magic.

Take the time to socialize with people in real life. Meet new people, get a new hobby, go see more live music, go to parties, talk to strangers… It worked for everyone before 2012, it could probably still work for you too!

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