How to Skyrocket Your Time Management in 2022 and Beyond

The latest episode of the podcast features 11 little hot picks to get your time management off the ground and moving forward in a very rapid direction. I am a huge advocate of maximizing every single moment of your day and the only way that you can do that is by being intentional and having a general idea of the way you want your day to go. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start, but fortunately for you I have curated a nice little list to help you get you started.

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1. Create a to do list

First things first, write it down. Get yourself a nice list going and you will feel incredibly good when you start marking off all of the things that you accomplished during the day. Don't be afraid to look online for templates that suit your individual needs and preferences.

2. Reorganize and prioritize

Once you have your list written out, it doesn't stop there. Most time management experts recommend another look at your to do list in order to organize things in terms of priority. Do the most important things first so that you approach them with the highest amount of energy and creativity.

3. Eliminate procrastination

Easier said than done, but you have to stop stopping. Procrastination is that desire to remain in a rested state instead of getting to work on your tasks. One of my favorite tricks to break out of that is simply setting a very small amount of time in order to do a very simple task. For example, promise yourself that you will go fold laundry for 5 minutes and then you can get back to your Netflix.

4. Set blocks of time

If you wanna take your time management to the next level, block out period of time to your activities. Even if you know that you can finish it all in one day, spending a couple of hours on that project will do wonders for your sense of accomplishment. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

5. Eliminate multitasking

You are not going to do any good if you try to do to all things at once. Instead, take a look at your list, set your block of time, and give 100% of your time and attention to that particular task that you're working on. Not only will you get it done sooner, but you'll likely get it done much better as well.

6. After action review to find your zone

Have you ever been, as they say, in the zone? Any time that you just feel of amazing inside of a task you need a capture that data. Are you a better writer in the morning then in the evening? Do you feel you have more energy in the afternoon than you do in the morning? Whatever the case may be, write that down and match it up with future task lists so that you can optimize your focus and your time.

7. Destroy all distractions

I am not saying that you cannot listen to my podcast and the background, but what I am saying is that you probably need to turn off your phone for a while. Distractions are time killers and there is simply no argument around it. Focus is absolutely essential.

8. Dedicate your work area

There is no way anyone could guess what you need to do today and the physical requirements to get it done. However, what ever you are working on should have a dedicated work space. Make sure you have some type of physical barrier between your world and what you're working on. Sorry, this includes the kids!

9. Get yourself moving

No matter what you are working on, you need to move your body. If you want to learn more, simply do some research on the term physiology and you will be amazed at how the body movement is related to performance.

10. Always get good sleep

Remember there are two types of rest, physical rest and mental rest. Make sure that you are getting both. Make sure you are intentional about getting proper rest. Make sure you set the conditions to get good rest. I'm not just talking about sleep, I'm talking about mental rest also. Find a quiet place, get yourself relaxed, and let your brain decompress.

11. Trust in delegation

Look, I already know that you are awesome. The world knows that you are awesome! So you do not have to keep on proving how much you can get done on your own. Stop trying to be a hero and learn how to delegate and learn how to hire things out. Trust others so that you can focus on the important things that you have to get done.

Learning how to manage your time is not difficult but it can be a challenge. You must focus on self awareness so that you can know when you need to switch things up. Intentional time management will help you get more done every single day and it will reduce stress and burnout. You are the one that's in control of your time. Please do the right thing, value this resource, and make every single moment count for the rest of your life.


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