Memorial Day 2020

Memorial day is a very special day and it is often under appreciated for what it stands for. Part of this lack of appreciation comes from timing of its observance and it's apparent binding to the start of summer. I do understand, however. Who wants to be bummed out right before a long weekend on the lake?

Look, I get it. We've had such a peaceful time in this country, we often don't appreciate the full pain and destruction of war. However, there are many of us that have left our homes to go and fight a war in some of the worst conditions imaginable. What's worse than that is many of those don't ever get to leave that foreign land because they died there.


The pain of war cannot exceed the whoa of aftermath (thank you, Led Zeppelin) and the pain of death is absolutely the worst thing to leave a family. I'm close friends with a few people that have lost people in combat and that pain never quite leaves. It's a sting that is ever present for many people of this great country and certainly deserves our respect and recognition.

Please enjoy the episode and please, above all, respect the different between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day because the ones that died certainly paid for it.


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