Modern and Rugged - The G Shock

From someone who has spent over two decades in the military, keeping time is something I have learned to appreciate more than most. More importantly, keeping time with something that can keep up with a military field environment is absolutely vital. Let's face it, if you don't want time it is, how can you ever accomplish your mission? How can you meet the re-supply? How can you expect to win?

Introducing a collection of G-Shock models with face protectors that are so popular for young aficionados of skateboarding, street sports, and military members. Classic designs are freshened up with a protector for the areas where the band joins the watch. High-luminosity LED lighting provides easy reading, even in the dark. Black face with red resin band. High quality all around and a great brand to back it up.

"I want to make a timepiece that will not break, even if dropped." This proposal, submitted at an internal meeting over 35 years ago, suggested that the development should be a one-man job handled by Kikuo Ibe, the engineer responsible for the external design of watches at the time. It was considered a clear, simple idea that had come up when a watch happened to drop and break during working hours. Watches are delicate precision instruments, and, at that time, it seemed only natural that they should break when falling to the floor. The concept of a tough watch seemed not only unconventional, but even nonsensical. Nevertheless, the proposal was accepted. A project team comprising just three people was formed — and development of the new watch began.

It was not long before the first G-SHOCK, the model DW-5000C, was launched in 1983. The square design with its symbolic importance was created in pursuit of shock resistance alone, with nothing wasted. The ultimate form for achieving this single function, it has been handed down to the present as an eternal standard. Belief engenders fruit. G-SHOCK’s origin is the story of an unwavering belief that inspired a relentless quest and produced a tough spirit that promises never to fade away.

They are good watches that I highly recommend. From the initial product in 1983 until now, they probably have hundreds of different designs to choose from. Whether you're going out on the town or out into the field, they probably have a model that would fit you well. Give them a try, you won't regret it.


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