My Pre-Workout Choices

It's 5 am and you have to get up and work out. It's bad enough you didn't get enough sleep last night, but you desperately need to get in some exercise and energize yourself for the day. What do you do? You get yourself a pre-workout! That's right, you mix up a batch of your go-to energy juice and hit the gym running. Not only that, you'll get a nice shot of vitamins that should help you stay alert all day.

With literally hundreds of choices, what do you pick? Well, I've been using them for years and have a few of my top choices for you to think about. I have personally used all of these products in the past and feel that I can give you a great recommendation based on what you need.

The Classic - NO Xplode

Outstanding Muscle Pump

With this stuff flowing through your veins, you can expect some serious pump. Even for us thin guys, you'll feel the skin stretch and the blood flows through you and into your muscles. Also has an excellent focus factor along with an incredible taste. I recommend the Fruit Punch. Buy it here.

Most Powerful - Legion Pulse

Excellent Endurance

This is the most recent pre-workout that I have experimented with based on the recommendation of Amazon. It ranks as one of the more powerful ones, but that's probably due to the higher level of caffeine contained in this one. It also has a lot of Beta Alanine, which helps offset muscle fatigue. For me personally, I was surprised how much this helped me with running! Buy some here.

High Level Focus - B-Nox

Stay Focused All Day

I discovered this product when it was still called "Bull-Nox", but I guess the marketing department thought it would have better appeal if they shortened it a bit. Regardless of the name change, you can count on this stuff to get you going. Pretty good on pumps, nice smooth energy, and a weird sense of focus in the gym and for most of your day. Not sure what's in it, but you won't forget it. Buy it now.

Make sure you check in with your doctor before using a pre-workout, as they do contain a lot of caffeine and other products to elevate your heart rate. If you're healthy, you'll see an increased level of energy, more desire to lift and maybe a few more inches on the guns! Don't forget a good shaker bottle and don't be afraid to try different ones until you land on something that works with your body chemistry.

If you have a good one that you use already, leave a comment below!


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