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Opinions Don't Matter, But Results Do!

Updated: May 15

It is so easy for us to pretend that we know what our customers want. It is also incredibly easy to make decisions based on our single point of view. Both of these are terrible approaches to business and marketing. Millions of amazing products will go undiscovered this year because of the fear created by opinions that are falsely held. In other words, I'd like you to remember that your opinion does not matter.

Let me say that again, your opinion does not matter!

You might be thinking you're being too pushy. Or perhaps you think your audience will not identify with that particular approach? You think it will turn them off, you think they will run to the hills to get away from this new idea.

Think again, remember your opinion does not matter!

Let us not forget that it is not just the entrepreneur's opinion, but it's also the business owner that listens to the opinions other customers. Believe are not the opinions of your customers don't really matter that much either!

The opinions of your customers do not matter!

For example, you might be eager to tell your audience about a new product feature or service you're going to offer. You might be afraid that this new thing will make your customers stop buying from you, and rarely you might be right. But please remember this, what customers say and what customers do is often incredibly different.

Think about a time when you offered a product or service and there was a resounding yes we want that! But then what happened when you put it in your store? That's right, the tumbleweeds were the only thing that blew in that day. Just remember, people are very fickle and they will say and do things in stark contrast to one another.

People will often say one thing and do another!

There are numerous case studies that prove this point. But here's what most people don't think about, it means that you do not have to be a psychic in order to be successful a business. He don't have to read the stars, you don't have to be some genius, all you have to do is believe in what you are offering. Believe in the effectiveness it has to solve a problem and carry on with that in mind.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the balance sheet. Did you sell enough to make a profit? Did you provide enough of a service to make a difference? Did you improve your reputation? Did you move your company forward in a positive direction?

At the end of the day, results are the only thing that matters.

Do not worry about satisfying every single opinion on the planet. No one ever has, and no one ever will. The good news is that you can chase your passion without the approval of others. Remember, you only have to answer to yourself, to just make sure you go to bed at night knowing you did every single thing you could in order to make a difference the way you saw most appropriate.


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Hi, I'm Gary, the author here and founder of Blue Collar Consulting Group. I really enjoy writing about performance, motivation, and leadership. Most of my experience comes from over two decades in the Army and Army Reserve, although I had two very lucrative civilian careers as well. In other words, I think I have good experience in both the military and in the civilian markets! Your interaction is priceless to me, and I would like to invite you to connect via social media. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Hope to see you and connect with you there!


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