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  • Gary Roth

Use Native Content For Each Social Media Platform in 2022

One of the things that absolutely drives me crazy on social media is when people share content from one platform to another without any consideration for the audience on that platform. In order to be effective on social media, it is absolutely essential the consider the type of audience you are approaching and the reason why they're on the platform in the first place. Additionally, when you attempt to share content across the various platforms, you run the risk of formatting errors which can degrade the quality of your online presence.

When you are attempting to build anything online, it is absolutely essential that you use native content for the exact platform that you are posting to. For example, the same caption for an Instagram Post might not even physically fit on a twitter post. Another example would be trying to share a Facebook Post with links to Instagram, which does not even allow links in your caption anyway. In other words, you must know the in's and outs of every social media platform before you attempt to post your content.

Although I will not discuss it here, Buffer is an amazing service that you can use to schedule your social media posts for all of the major platforms. I have used this service over the years and found it to be incredibly helpful. Not only that, they are very knowledgeable on all things social media, so I highly recommend that you check out their blog. One particular post is important for this discussion because they have discovered all of the correct image sizes for the major social media platforms. The last thing you want to do is post a piece of content that gets cut off by the platform you are posting it on.

The world of hash tags cannot be ignored. Depending on who you listen to, some say that hash tags are very effective, while some say they have begun to diminish in importance. If you are trying to grow a new audience, having good knowledge of hash tags will be helpful for you to gain exposure. Once you have built up a social media following, you may be able to get away from them and use other techniques to reach new people. But as I said, use them wisely and things will go much smoother for you as you build your online kingdom.

Knowing your audience is very important. Please remember that people go to Facebook for one reason and they go to Instagram for another. I am convinced that no one has all of the answers, but doing research on this subject will help you improve your social media ranking very quickly. A quick look at the SproutSocial article here, should give you a really good running start at your audience comparison. Don't get too deep in the weeds here, just keep a general overview as you begin to build up your social media presence.

Finally, the type of content you are using really matters. Depending on the day, the major platforms reward various types of content quite differently. The Instagram ceo recently stated that video would be shown to more people than images. Many social media marketers have noticed that Facebook posts that generate a link preview are less affective then image posts that feature a link. And of course, this will likely change every year, so staying flexible is absolutely essential.

You must post frequently across the platforms you want to use. Of course you should not burn yourself out, but life on social media is no joke. If you do not think you can handle it, find somebody that can do it for you. Hire it out if you have to, but do not think that you can post once a month and be successful. You simply do not exist if you do not have a powerful presence on social media. At the same time, you have a chance to make your mark in the world without permission from anyone else! Do not waste this opportunity.


The Blue Collar Consulting Group wants to help you get the results you want in business and in life. Social media consulting is our strong suit and we believe you deserve better than what you are getting. If you want more, let's talk!

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