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Unusual Tools to Crush Productivity In 2024 And Beyond! (With Links)

Even though we are a few weeks away from 2024, we can still improve our productivity and crush it at work! I am here to share with you many of my favorite productivity products so that we can march into the summer months ready to go and ready to get after it. Pick and choose what you think would work best and get ready to make a name to yourself while everybody else is doing the same old thing.

Bullet Journal

Some of you have already started writing your journal and let me be the first one to pat you on the back! Writing down your thoughts and your plans is an amazing way to be more productive and more efficient with your time in your thoughts. Not only that, a journal can also help you unwind some of those difficult thoughts and memories for the you to be more focused and more prepared to do the work you need to do.

"This is really working for me! If you're interested in using a bullet journal, watch a few YouTube videos on it first. If you don't already know, this thing is blank with a dot matrix, it gives no guidance. That may seem overly simple for a journal/planner. But if you've tried lots of planners before and gotten bored with them because they don't do something you need them to do, this may be the system for you. Oh, and don't be intimidated by all the videos with beautiful journals, boasting calligraphy and artsy doodles. I CANNOT DRAW! But people think I'm artsy just cause the dots help guide your handwriting and whatnot. Give it a try!" —Roni Garrison-Joyner

Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

Studies have shown that if you start the day right, you are going to finish a right. For those of us who have trouble waking up, I would like you to consider changing your entire wake up game. These sunrise simulating alarm clocks play two your natural sleep and biological rhythms so that you can wake up fully refreshed and energized to tackle your day. They are also recommended for children and heavy sleepers to wake up much more effectively.

"This sunrise clock has multiple features besides the light effect. It is nice being gradually woken up by the light; it is far more gentle than an abrupt alarm. You can set two separate alarms if you need to. This clock is also an FM radio, it auto scans for channels. It has seven different light colors to choose from and you can adjust the brightness levels on the digital display as well as the overall light. The alarm itself has multiple natural sounds to choose from like, Ocean waves and soft music or you can opt for a regular alarm beep. It comes with stickers that you can place near the buttons until you are able to remember them without help. Overall, this is a very nice clock with multiple useful features." —Diana

Smart Speaker

Having a smart speaker around makes a lot of sense. Not only is the technology very well established, just imagine catching up on news and information while getting ready for your day. Not only can you enjoy a little bit of music, you could always but on your favorite motivational video right there in the bathroom as you put on your makeup or do your hair.

"I absolutely love it! Bought to use as a radio/ambient-noise device as I fall asleep, but now realize the capabilities FAR exceeded what I initially purchased it for, so I also use it as an alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker for my iPad, personal assistant ('Alexa, add milk to my shopping list'), and Amazon Music speaker (which I never used until buying the Dot). The sound quality is really good, especially considering it’s small size and relatively 'budget-friendly' price. I definitely recommend to anyone, and if you’re a Prime member...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. Don’t even 'add to cart,' just click 'buy now' and watch your life get simpler." —Dave S

Bidet Toilet Attachment

Although this might seem a little unusual, this particular attachment for personal hygiene might just change the way you feel about yourself. A bidet addition to your toilet might have seemed unusual 20 years ago, but they are taking America by storm! Easy to install, affordable, and some might even say life changing. Step things up in the restroom and you might be surprised how it plays out in your daily life.

"I bought the Bio Bidet BBC-270 and to my surprise it was absolutely remarkable. My girlfriend and I truly enjoy it and it does wonders on our backside. I thought that it was ideological to offer the advantage of connecting it to the hot water nozzle under the sink, this option put the product over the top. Not to mention how great it goes with our Whirlpool we just had installed. Several friends have come over to marvel and a couple have already purchased their own. Thank you so much Bio-Bidet for a breakthrough in our lives." —Anttonbuc

Working From Home Sign

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new normal. However, many people are reporting that they have difficulty separating work and home life. Not only can a separate space be very beneficial, adding some cute signage can really give you the separation that you need to be more effective while you work from home. There are a wide variety of signs available, so make sure you choose the right one for you and your situation. Here is a pro tip: make sure and add a little personality to your workspace, and in this case, signage.

"The perfect addition to remote working during the COVID pandemic. I was also very touched that the seller was able to create an image that was more inclusive to my family's diversity. I GIVE 5 STARS!" —Brennan Rhodes

Wrinkle Release Spray

If you want to stand out in the workplace, you're going to have to look good! In order to look amazing, you are going to have to present yourself with nice clothing. But who has time to do all of that ironing? Don't worry, this wrinkle release spray is exactly what you've been waiting for. Simply spur a it on, and enjoy the multiple benefits that this spray will bring to your apparel.

"As a college student with a full course load, I'm in and out of my room all the time. This helps me keep my clothes wrinkle free without having to waste time ironing them. It's also great as it leaves a VERY nice smell on my clothes." —Seth

"Hi! I really love this product and keep it around all the time. I have some of my husband's shirts that it doesn't work on but those are the ones I have to iron. Only about 2 out of 25 are stubborn. It works great on polyester and cotton blends. Just shake it up, spray it really well on the wrinkly areas and then smooth it out with you hand. That is all that is necessary. Hang it up and when it is dry the wrinkles will be pretty much gone. It helps to then button the shirt too. Hope this helps." —Lorraine


We will continue to add products to this page, so please make sure you check in from time to time to see what we have discovered. Our affiliate links may generate a small referral fee to us here at Blue Collar Consulting Group, but it does not affect your prices or shopping experience at all. You might also want to check out our other blog articles to see if we have the right ingredients for a better life.


Hi, I'm Gary, the author here and founder of Blue Collar Consulting Group. I really enjoy writing about performance, motivation, and leadership. Most of my experience comes from over two decades in the Army and Army Reserve, although I had two very lucrative civilian careers as well. In other words, I think I have good experience in both the military and in the civilian markets! Your interaction is priceless to me, and I would like to invite you to connect via social media. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Hope to see you and connect with you there!


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